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One to One Sessions with Jayne

Work with Jayne on a one to one basis to discover and transform your core wounds, negative patterns and fears.​

Learn about the power of your heart, nervous system and soul guidance for deep healing. Realigning to your body's ability to heal and resetting your nervous system to a new base line of calm and connected.​​

Jayne will be your guide to help you to understand how your mind, body and soul work together, providing you with tools for inner mastery and a deeper understanding of your life. 


​You will learn how to access your own inner guidance, intuition and increase your personal power.


 You will be able to unlock your inner resources, resolve past issues that are holding you back and break free from the patterns that keep you stuck.​ 


Jayne provides a combination of shamanism, alchemy and spirituality, integrated with the most up to date scientific discoveries about human potential. Whilst this is an exciting way to work you do not need any prior knowledge in these areas. All that is required is a curiosity and an openness to work this way.​

Work with shamanism to discover your eternal nature beyond the conscious mind.

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Shamanic Healing and Psychotherapeutic Counselling

You may not be able to get to the route of the problem or issue through thinking and talking alone. This is where the use of shamanic tools is extremely helpful as they can connect you to a deeper awareness and consciousness, clarifying what the issues are and  identifying patterns and origins

A shamanic journey can help you access your unconscious processes and stories in your energy field, this give us information to begin the healing process and make changes. Resulting in raising consciousness and vibration, and the clearing of stuck energy in your luminous field.


It begins a very powerful and alchemical journey which can change your life, health, energy levels and relationships.

A Shamanic Psychotherapy session is the beginning of an internal transformation which changes your external experience, as within so without- changing your life, health, work, energy levels and relationships from the inside out.

You will work deeply with the memory of the events and vibrations stored in your energy field. You are encouraged to get in touch with your feelings and work with the nervous system to release and disentangle them from their story of origin. This enables feelings to be transformed and stories to be re-written.


This magical process allows you to create a new story and future by which to live without the constraints of the past.


  • One to one sessions from £60

  • Training days and one to one teaching sessions from £150

If you'd like to book an initial 15 minute consultation and find out more about how working with Jayne could help you then please get in touch.


If you are interested in working on a deep soul level with Shamanism or have a passion to learn more please contact Jayne.

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