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Jayne and I have worked together for some months now, focussing on challenging family dynamics. Jayne has offered me the space I have needed for so very long to simply be heard, about things I've pent up inside and found to be too big to carry anymore. 

Jayne has guided me in many shamanic visualisations to find parts of me which were hurt and angry. She's helped me to meet those parts of me, even when I've been really scared to do so. She's given me nothing but kindness, love and encouragement to find the parts of me that need to be healed. 

I have absolutely loved this merging of deep listening skills and shamanic journeying. This is precisely the kind of medicine I required. 

Jayne has my eternal gratitude for her skills and her compassion.


I sought out therapy as I was feeling a lot of conflicting emotions and had some big decisions to make in my life. I was worried about repeating old patterns or self sabotaging out of a trauma response. Through my sessions with Jayne not only was I able to understand my feelings and release a lot of trapped emotions, but she has also helped to pick apart the patterns in my life so I could stop repeating the same cycles.

I have worked with a few therapists and counsellors in the past, but have never experienced so much life changing progress and profound realisations as I have with Jayne. She creates such a safe environment and was very in tune with my feelings, able to sense when to offer advice, and when we just needed to sit in silence while I process my feelings. She was also able to change up the format of sessions to respond to what I was expressing, and offers different modalities of therapy like expression through creativity to suit the situation. She was very accommodating to fit sessions around my work schedule to.

 I really appreciated that she is able to explain trauma responses in a very scientific way, because I prefer to understand the detail, but also offers a spiritual perspective. I was raised with New-Age spiritual ideology, so even though I had turned away from these beliefs when I met Jayne, I knew I needed a therapist that would understand this perspective. I have also experienced some reiki energy healing in the past, so was open minded about trying shamanic energy healing. Nothing could of prepared me for how powerful Jayne's healing is. I was able to release waves of trapped emotions, and had profound experiences and realisations about myself. Through our conversations I was able to reclaim my own connection to the divine, to my ancestors, and find my own spirituality and inner wisdom. 

I now have a greater understanding and acceptance of myself and with my increased confidence and trust in myself I am better equipped to handle the challenges in everyday life”.

Client and student- Carlisle


I have been having sessions with Jayne for 2 ½ years now and I can honestly say it has transformed my life. When I first started the sessions I couldn’t even do the breathing in through my nose as I was so anxious and dysregulated, suffering from physical pains I didn’t even know were connected to my anxieties. The main thing about these sessions is that I feel safe and seen.

Jayne is incredibly kind and calming and lets you work at your own pace.

I have learned so much from the shamanic journeying, it has led me to be more regulated and helped me to change the patterns I was stuck in for so many years.

With Jaynes help I have healed lots of childhood trauma and feel like I’m finding out what makes me truly happy and what kind of person I am. I would recommend this to everyone to try as the benefits are huge. Client-Carlisle



I was going through an existential crisis and was called to therapy but knew I didnt want or need the box standard, "talking" approach. Talking Therapies had taken me as far as it could. I intuitively knew Jane was the guide and spirit I needed to help me shift the dark, stuck energy and old narrative.
We had a 15-minute consultation and I remember talking deeply about themes in my life from utero to present day. Jayne held the space beautifully. The most profound invitation was “bring it all, the light and the dark, I can hold space for it all”.
Jayne has held my hand and co regulated all those unshed tears and cries, sharing practical magik to empower me to regulate emotions and energy and feel safe to let go and release. I now know what it is to feel a sense of groundedness ( I did not know this was possible for me.) Jayne has shown me the beauty and magik of connecting to spirit and divine while staying rooted and safe. Another profound teaching is the ability to weave my own magik into the mundane so I can be present and experience a sense of joy without feeling like I need to numb out and escape. 
Over the past 18 months Jayne has seen me through a job change, house move and the stripping away of the masks and scripts that were never mine. I have such a marked love and respect for Jayne, I see her as one of my many mothers, teacher and guide in a wild woman sense of the word. 
I was at a point in my life where repeating worn out narratives left me feeling stuck. Journeys, drum beats, soul song, striking symbology and tarot has allowed the energy to move in such a way, it could no longer stay. I have returned and I am truly becoming. I feel safe, I have boundaries and my intuition is strong. That was not my old story.
In a creative sense, my gifts and talents are slowly arising from the ashes. I have a new found patience for all that is, and is yet to be. I no longer strive for perfectionism and accept my own darkness and light with a profound sense of love and compassion. I am cradling my creativity like a mother would a new born child, it feels exciting yet vulnerable and needs fully nourished until it is ready to come into being.
My heart is no longer barricaded and protected but open and expansive with the protection of intuition and deep trust in my own divine, deep knowing wisdom.
Words could never capture this journey, its experiential, ethereal, energetic and cannot be put in a box, analysed or measured. The transformation and alchemy that can happen in these sessions with Jayne is truly magical on the most beautiful, subtle yet profound level. 
Jayne you are a wonder and a true wild woman! Thank-you from the depths of my heart and my everlasting soul. 🙏🤍💫 S. Cumbria




Over the past 18 months Jayne has been such a help in my healing journey. Both online and in person, the sessions have been so powerful in helping me shift what I needed too and grow in to the person I am now. The work Jayne does is so beautiful, whilst also being gentle and she shows such discernment. She creates such a safe space for you to express yourself freely and to open up in ways I didn’t know I needed. 

Every session is different and unveils more depth to my soul and I’m so grateful to Jayne for her support and guidance. 

I have recommended so many people to her as I really believe in the work that she practices and how powerful it can be to help you change. I look forward to each session with her because I just never know where it will take me but I always know it’s where I need to go. Thanks for being a guiding light Jayne ✨Natasha Cumbria





What can I say, other than life changing. I look forward to every session with Jayne, she's amazing. 

The shamanic work we've done together makes so much sense, a feeling of being held, a magical experience. I come away feeling lighter and special. Jayne is the best. Client and Student- North UK.


I started with Jayne because I was really struggling with my mental health.

She is amazing and has helped me work through my childhood trauma and bad habits. I can now relax, release emotions, change patterns and let go of the past. She has taught me so many great practices and always helps to make sense of everything. The energy work that Jayne does with me is also incredible. The tools she has given me to work on myself are great. She seems to know everything and how it all works. It is life changing work, to be able to relax and enjoy life again.

Client and student, UK



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